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Welcome to Gymnasiemässan!

To support without controlling is easier said than done, but surely we are here to help your teenager in their choice of high school. Here are the student and career councelors best tips for engaged adults. 

We often say that this is the teenager's choice, which is right! But as an adult you can take responsibility for the process and reflection gets going, says Sylvi Savér, student and career councelor at Värmdö Gymnasium. According to Sylvi Savér the adults support is a big part to create a good foundation for the decision making. To keep an eye on important dates, be included in the fair and make sure that your child has the information they need to make a choice. 

Be prepared for that it will take time and effort. - It was probably a long time ago since you went to high School yourself and a lot has changed, so even you might need to seek information on the web or talk to a student and career councelor in your childs school. Sylvi Savér says that parents and other adults sometimes make the mistake to rush a decision instead of starting the process in good time and investigate the alternatives that the child is intrested of. 

She also means that some has a negative approach to some programs, for example career programs, which can affect the choice. career programs can open doors for many opportunities and can absolutely be the right choice for your child. The best thing you as an adult can do is be open and push your teenager to achieve their goals.
And remember: There is a Hifh school for everybody, regardless of how the grades look.

Gymnasiemässan is Swedens most important meeting point for Secondary school students who are going to choose their school. Down here you as a parent can find some tips on which steps your child should take for the admission and how you can help them on the way. Good Luck!