Gymnasiemässan's U.N Development Goals

As Sweden's biggest High school Fair and in region Stockholm, sustainability is an important and necessary part of our operation. The U.N's 17 Sustainable development goals is the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development that the worlds countries has ever taken part of and is there to achieve four challenges for year 2030:

•To abolish extreme poverty.
•To decrease inequalities and injustice in the world. 
•To encourage peace and justice.
•To resolve the climate change

Four challenging goals that Gymnasiemässan wants to contribute achieving 

Gymnasiemässan has worked through the 17 goals and 169 sub targets and identified the goals that are prioritized for Gymnasiemässan:

 Goal 4: Quality education

Goal 4 : Quality Education

Providing quality education for all is fundamental to creating a peaceful and prosperous world. Education gives people the knowledge and skills they need to stay healthy, get jobs and foster tolerance.

Our Sustainability work

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